Better relationships between startups
and investors, funds, incubators, accelerators

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Strive for growth with a fully-customizable platform that allow startups and investors to better engage and gain insights.


Reporting on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Fund Management.

Fund disbursement, tranches, accounting software integration, milestone tracking.


Cross-portfolio collaboration, advisory / mentorship, events, company perks, more.

Why Hub&Fund?

Communication, support and insights between investors and startups, the simple and organized way!

At Hub&Fund, we've been on both sides of the table. We have founded companies, and managed portfolios too. We built this solution with simplicity and efficiency in mind

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Simple and effecient for startups.

Get started reporting to investors immediately.

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Insightful and organised for investors.

Keep your portfolio in sight, empower your team.

For startups

Keep track of your progress through customizable dashboards, grow through community support and control your data, your way.

Company KPI Dashboard

Keep a shareable dashboard of your KPIs. Leverage on trends to shape your growth and power your decision making.

Customizable Reporting

Forget all the templates and time consuming reporting sessions - choose to report what really matters to your investors in a few clicks!

Centralized Information

Keep all your information and key data in one secure location. Easy to access, easy to share and easy to update!

Granular Permissions

Set the permission you want for your employees, advisors and investors. Let them see as much as you want, you’re always in control!

Resources / Perks / Events

Access resources across your investor's portfolio in just one-click. Connect with mentors, utilize perks and events to accelerate your growth!

Discussion Forums

Engage with fellow founders across the portfolio in order to discuss potential hurdles you’re facing or to see how you can help each other scale together.

For investors

Empower your companies through community and ensure your internal processes and demands don’t become a burden for your companies.

  • Data Driven Portfolio Management.

    Leverage portfolio-wide data to offer the best support as companies scale.

  • Community Powered Portfolio.

    Empower your community to drive the success of your portfolio.

  • Accessible Funding Information.

    Understand the funding status of your companies and how much runway they have left.

  • Organized Processes.

    Centralize key documents, metrics and streamline internal processes for your portfolio companies.

High data security

We know how important and sensitive your data is, we go above and beyond to ensure the highest grade of data security.

Hyper-responsive support team

Our customer success team is working around the clock to make sure all your needs are met. Feel free to contact us at any time if you’re experiencing any issues or if you’d like to put forth a product / feature request!

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